About Me

Sharing the story of mine…….

How it all started……

Sharing the story of mine…….

How it all started……

Ever since I was small little kid, I love art work so much and think that photography is one of the best ways to express my love towards art work. I have always wanted to have a career path which I can pursue my dream but I was ended up in doing IT for years. However, by having all the supports and encouragements from my close ones, I am now pursue my dream as photographer and see the world from behind the lens of a camera.

Photography with heart…….

I truly appreciate the beauty that surrounds me, because anything that we see during the normal course of our day and which we tend to ignore can be transformed into the most beautiful picture. I always think that a true photographer is essentially an artist; I will always tries to find the perfect setting for a photo in apparently commonplace things too. For me, weddings are the most important events for every single couple in their entire life. Therefore, I would want to capture every single facial expression of these couples as they are actually expressing and sharing their happiness, romance and love stories with all of us. I will have all my passion and shoot every single photo with all my heart as I know that these pictures will remain keeping as their most valuable belongings for the rest of their life. This is also my greatest satisfaction as I know that my photos are being appreciated.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Garry & Ebbie's great day

Congratulation to Gary Chow and his wife got a great wedding day...

 wonderful smiling can seen from their face..

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